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Re: Know anything about MRSA?

I have had doula clients who have it in their chart they had MRSA at some point. Not so much isolation, but they require everyone that enters the room (vaginal births) to gown up with gloves and a mask, too, and when you leave you take them off -- then when you enter again, it's the same routine. Granted these were not active infections, these were, "Hey, we noticed 5 years ago you came into our hospital and were treated for a MRSA boil..." One even had herself treated and cleared, but because it was done a t a different facility, and she was birthing in the middle of the night, they still treated her as if she had active MRSA.

Realistically, and working in the healthfield, I know many people are MRSA carriers, we just don't test every single person. I don't get caught up in the gowns, and every chance I had, I took off the gloves (how comforting is it have your hair smoothed out of your face by someone with a glove on?). I just take basica universal precautions, like we are advised to do anyway.

On another note, my son developed a boil on his leg about 4 years ago. They tried to culture it but nothing grew. I was disappointed with not knowing for sure if it were MRSA. I asked if we could do further testing to find out, to which my ped advised, "I would leave it alone -- if he has that in his chart, it is liable to follow him around everywhere..." So I didn't. I wonder if your OB is thinking similarly?
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