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Re: So tell me your tooth brushing routines (ages 2 and under)

DJ loves brushing his teeth so at bedtime, he gets to make funny faces while I brush for him, then he gets a turn brushing while I get my jamas on. I didn't have much luck with the little rubber finger brush fingers are too big...but my dentist gave me a little baby toothbrush that works wonderfully. I had gotten a couple of tubes of the Orajel baby toothpaste along with shower gifts and free samples and we're still on those. DJ thinks it's candy...whatever works! I don't know why even though he's stopped drinking during the night, even when we brush his teeth at bedtime, he wakes up with his mouth smelling worse than his diaper!! It's positively FOUL!! So we usually brush again first thing in the morning. We're not as religious about it as we should be, especially we both have a family history of bad teeth, but DJ (22 months) does a pretty good job of reminding us if we forget to brush before bed. Anything to delay bedtime . He's in the stage of really wanting to be a helper right now too so after I brush his teeth, and he brushes his teeth, then he frequently wants to help me brush mine. It's kind of cute!
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