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Originally Posted by VeganCupcake
I have found that in a really young baby, that morning nap comes really quickly after waking up in the morning--like within 45 minutes to an hour. If you miss that window, it will be harder to soothe her to sleep and hard for her to stay asleep.

Also, a baby that young will often take short naps--maybe 45 minutes long--and either need to be soothed back to sleep or can get up for a short while (90 minutes) and then go back to sleep. My DD at that age was taking 5 short naps a day. That's a normal variation, though not very convenient for getting anything much done.

Anyway, a baby that age definitely needs 3 naps a day, not just 2.
Agreed. My dd is 4 and 1/2 months and takes anywhere from 3 to 5 naps a day, sometimes as short as 25 mins or as long as 3 hours.

But she is a horrible sleeper and will not sleep if put her down, so I mostly hold her through all her naps. The second I put her down she wakes up and will not go back to sleep. I gave up. I'd rather have her well rested. I also think 3 months is way too young for CIO, but I'm not really in favor of CIO for any age.
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