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Re: Why homeschooling?

-DS1 as health issues that require my help several times a day (why we started)
-DS1 is brilliant but probably has ADHD. You can explain something to him once and he gets it, if he gets bored and tries to entertain himself he'll be distracting other kids (learned that lesson from part-time pre-k!)
-So they can be children for as long as possible without the social pressures that come with being a kid these days.
-So we can teach our values and we are the primary figure in their lives, not a stranger.
-Because there is so much more they can learn by being with us and interacting in the real world than sitting in a strict classroom environment for most of their childhood.
-Because each child has a different learning style and will learn best if taught in a way that makes sense to them.
-Because DH teaches public school and I know what type of education they'd be getting and it's not really an education IMO. It's teaching them to be good test takers. (You'd be surprised how many educators and former educators homeschool their kids!)
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