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Re: My FS0T checklist for Buyers & Sellers esp. Newbies...Wanna Help?

Originally Posted by ellaphen View Post
For wool, I would add dog / pet hair. One of my first experiences with wool was a pair of longies FULL of dog hair. I picked for HOURS, and finally, out of frustration, threw the things away. They also smelled horrid. Because I hate confrontation, the seller had perfect feedback (had been a member for quite awhile), and because I didn't think to ask a question of that nature before commiting to the buy, I didn't leave feedback for the seller, and never even confronted the situation.
lint roller didn't work?

and smells - totally agree, its also very hard to get smells out of wool IME so I like to be told if they were lanolized in any scents and what brand of spray/wash (some smells stronger than others - exp, I think ENI smells stronger than Northern Essence)

sorry about your first wool! I would have cried. My first few transactions sucked on here, when I did confront one seller about the holes in the covers she sold me, she told me to suck it up because they were "basically ffs" umm...I paid $50 for 6 covers...maybe if they were shipped overnight and individually lol but not parcel post in priority envelope turned inside out (and I had to pay extra for the shipping) she also said "No mod will take your side because your feedback is low" so I just dropped it and put her on my do-not-buy-from list, I'll still never buy from her - no matter what she's got, its not worth it.

Which brings me to another point - CLOSE DETAILED PICTURES OF FLAWS!!! it will CYA from an unhappy buyer or pp dispute and it will ensure that your buyer knows what they're buying.
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