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Re: What do you wish you had?

OMG Do I have to pick one thing???

First one SALINE SOAKS! I knew nothing about them with my first daughter and thanked the lord for them w/my second! You take a nursing pad and soak it in some saline *hossy gave me a bottle for free* and you put them on your nipples for 10 mins, take them off and rinse your nipples. DD had a bad latch and I had very blistered/cracked/bleeding nipples, so these were miracle workers for me!

Second one, Flower of Essence Cream! I felt this was far more soothing than lanolin and lanolin is known for helping along blocked ducts.

Thirdly, Cabbage! When mastitis hit me at about 4 months post, cabbage was the most soothing thing for the blocked and infected milk ducts

And Fourth, I have to emphasize the need for a great support system. With my first I had no support, ended up giving up at 6 months post because I was tired, depressed, etc etc blah blah blah...anyways, w/my second I have joined up in breastfeeding forums online and go to LLL meetings. They really keep me inspired to keep moving along with nursing and that it is OKAY to extended nurse, something that my family thinks is so incredibly weird.

Good luck! We're all here for any questions that come our way!
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