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Re: Do you ever wonder "what have I done?"

Yep, I think most of us have been there at least once. It's hard, but it's NORMAL to react that way to incredible stress, sleep deprivation, etc. You just have to make sure you have enough stamina to get through it without shaking the babe or running away; and then the feelings will go away.

Yoga, hot baths, journalling, running, sitting at an enclosed play area and zoning out while DC plays...every mom needs something to recharge her own batteries. Sleep, exercise, and good nutrition are critical. Try buying yourself a party tray of veggies and another of fruit. Take DC to the gym with you and let 'em play in the nursery while you "run" away on a treadmill. Or get a jogging stroller. Sleep whenever DC sleeps! (Who cares if the floor is carpeted with Cheerios? )

Take care of yourself---It makes a big difference!
Karen, SAHM to Annika (4/05)
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