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Re: Anyone know about testing for dyslexia?

Really glad I found this... DS is showing lots of signs of dsylexia and I was just wondering what to do. We homeschool, and I was thinking of taking him to school for evaluation, but it said online that they don't test for dyslexia, they only have to test to see if they qualify for special ed. It also said that Dr. will usually refer you to school, since it's education issue, and not medical. It recommended getting some private evaluation with some one who's speciality is dyslexia. Don't know how easy that would be to do, (we live way in the boonies) or if you have to have a recommendation by the Dr. or school or anything. Not certain what we'll do.... So I'm basically in your boat. Advice wanted. I am also very much with you in that I feel the need to know exactly what's going on and not some blanket statement. Good luck to you and yours!
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