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Baby Showers

My mom and mother-in-law have decided that they are going to throw a combined baby shower for me (ya!).
So far the day for it has been changed three times. At first it was March 30 but that is easter weekend so that got canceled by my mom.

Then it was March 23, my mil cannot do that day. My mom said your mil is driving me crazy by changing the date so much.....I always knew she wouldn't get along with her. I mentioned to my mom that she has also changed the date; my mom responds by saying if you are going to be so difficult I am not going to throw you a baby shower.

Then it was March 16th but my sil has hers that day.So that doesn't work.

Who knows when it is now.

But I am beginning to not want one, it is becoming annoying.
Anyone else feeling this way?
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