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Re: Chat Thread ~ Feb 3rd - 9th

Originally Posted by canadianbakers View Post

for passing the point of the loss of your DD. That was a rough couple weeks for me, though having had the u/s and seeing/knowing that Hiccup was healthy was very helpful in getting through it.
Now I'm dealing with the actual dates, though - last week, when I had the bleeding, would have been one year exactly from when Elli actually died. Then today is one year since we saw her, still and no heartbeat, on the u/s.
Calendar dates of my loss are the worst. The actual day we lost DD1s twin is, of course, DD1's birthday, the day before my birthday, AND my due date for this baby... Ugh...

AFM: I can actually breathe through both nostrils today, though I'm trying not to get used to it. I'm still a snot factory. Bleh.
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