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Re: Chat Thread ~ Feb 3rd - 9th

Originally Posted by momneedssupport View Post
I just want to know my house and everything wilk be taken care of while i rest bc the last two times i couldnt stand to see messes and couldnt ask for help. Im weird that way
Have you talked to your DH about all of it? Do you have anyone coming to stay with you and help out with things for the first week or 2?
Maybe it would help to write out a list of the normal, daily or weekly chores, and put it on the fridge. That way, no matter who is there, they would know what you normally do and like to have done, and can help out with something.

Originally Posted by mibarra View Post
Calendar dates of my loss are the worst. The actual day we lost DD1s twin is, of course, DD1's birthday, the day before my birthday, AND my due date for this baby... Ugh...
That is going to be a very tough few days.

AFM: Speaking of worrying or stressing about things for/after birth, I'm getting very frustrated with DH. I need him to get this room done downstairs for DD so we can move Levi to her room up here. It's not even so that I can start getting things out and ready for Hiccup, cuz I'm not in a huge rush there (I actually like to wait until 36-37 weeks to do anything, helps fill the time in those last few "anyday now" weeks), but I know transitioning Levi from the crib in our room to a bed in his own room is going to be some work... which means for me, because most of the time Levi won't let DH calm/soothe him.
And I know that if we don't move him until Hiccup comes, it will be me up with Hiccup through the night and dealing with Levi's ups-and-downs or whatnot.

And DH is talking now about not taking his parental leave when Hiccup comes, but instead, waiting to take it until next school year or even next winter. He is able to take his leave (up to 35 weeks, we'll likely only use the 10 weeks he gets topped up through work) anytime in the first year after baby's birth, so it's not that I'm worried about possibly losing his leave... but I'm really not looking forward to coming home from the hospital and right away having to be up through the night with the baby, then get up first thing in the morning with the kids and have to deal with breakfast, making lunches, and getting them out the door to school... with Hiccup there too.
And this is all without a c-sec. If I end up with one, DH better be willing to change his plans!

He does have reasoning behind this - the division wasn't able to find him a different half-time placement, so he had to return to mornings at the school where he had a lot of trouble last year before and while he was on leave after we lost Elliana. If he takes leave when Hiccup comes, though he could be off for the rest of the year and not have to deal with the school, he feels it would make it more difficult to get moved elsewhere in the division.
I don't really agree with him, but we'll see how things go.
Ideally, I'd just love for him to take leave starting at Hiccup's birth and take the rest of this school year off - 10 weeks exactly back from the last day of school would be April 19th, definitely not out of the question if Hiccup will wait until then Then hopefully something else would come up for next year - either another position in a different school, or better yet some online teaching for him - and he wouldn't have to return there.
Better yet, he'd get topped up to full salary for the 10 weeks, and since he technically doesn't get paid for the summer (10 months pay, not 12) he can stay on parental leave and claim that over the summer. That wouldn't give us his full salary for those 2 months, but would give us a little extra cushion, 65% or something of his pay.
Anyhoo... we'll see what I can talk him into, lol.

here - DD vomited at 6:30, then at 8:30 and 9:30, but now she's finally sleeping - I really hope she's through the worst of it now and feels a bunch better when she wakes.
Sidenote - she had gravol at 2am and then again at 8:30 (right after vomiting). Definitely stayed down long enough for her to get some of it in her system, both times... but the vomiting didn't ease in the night and she didn't fall asleep until now If that was me, even with children's gravol (which is what she had) I'd have been passed out after the first dose!
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