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Re: Chat Thread ~ Feb 3rd - 9th

Originally Posted by mommy2wyatt View Post
I feel like baby hasn't been as active, maybe because she's getting more crowded? I drank OJ yesterday and pulled out my doppler to help myself feel better. I have an appointment tomorrow so we'll see what they say.
I would definitely mention it to them at your appt. all is well. Chances are they'd send you for a NST, just to check on baby. KUP!

Originally Posted by mibarra View Post
DH is HOPING to take 2 weeks off when baby 3 comes, but since he is still looking for a job, it will probably be unpaid... that'll be it. At his old job he used to take 3 months after I went back to work to keep the baby home longer, plus 2 weeks right after delivery. And he had enough leave saved up it was all paid. I do envy other countries parental leave policies sometimes!!
2 weeks would be okay even, I'm just not looking forward to DH wanting to be back at work the day after Hiccup is born. He did this with Levi - took his birth day off, then worked half the next day and came to pick us up in the afternoon, then back to work as normal after that. FIL was here with us helping with the older kids, though, so I wasn't all alone. But I still hated it.
I am really thankful that we have the option for parental leave up here! The problem is that we can't afford for DH to take it past his top up period, which is the first 10 weeks of leave. And the division won't allow for dividing up the leave - when you first start, you get your 10 weeks from then, whether you take the whole thing or not. So if DH took the 2 weeks, he'd never get the other 8, kwim?

AFM: DD seems to be on the mend. Tired, but no more vomiting since 10:30, IIRC. She's really wanting to go to school tomorrow, they're going for a field trip to try ice fishing! But we'll see how things go the rest of today and tonight. As it is, I feel bad thinking about sending her less than 24 hours after stopping vomiting, kwim? But then I think, really, it's only the matter of not even 2 hours... but we'll see.
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