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Re: Chat Thread ~ Feb 3rd - 9th

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
this baby is active some days and not active others. It really stresses me out. Was hanging out with a preggo friend earlier and she was talking about the scares of listeria and lunchmeat and I had a lunchmeat sandwich (which I am paranoid about, but I always heat the lunchmeat, so really, there should be nothing to fear) and then I got a stomach issue and then baby hasn't been moving around this time of day like normal (I always notice cause DD is napping and I sit at the computer and usually baby dances around in there). So, I'm sorta freaking out right now.

glad your DD isn't vomiting anymore... I want to go ice fishing - fun! If she's fine for the rest of the day and the night, I'd probably let her go. Atleast she's old enough not to be sticking her hands and such in her mouth like a child, right? so, seems like kids are most contagious before they actually show symptoms anyways.

DH wasn't able to commiserate with me this morning about my stress regarding childcare because he was running late for work. I texted him a bit ago with an idea and he's taken the ball and is checking to see possibilities, so hopefully we'll have real answers soon. I mean, in an emergency situation, I have tons of wonderful friends who will watch her. but ideally, someone with no kids would come to our house and shower DD with attention.
Baby will start moving a ton for ya real soon! I kwym, though - Hiccup still does his normal 3-4 very active days (ouch) and then 2 days or so of quieter movements. There were so many weeks there that I would feel nothing at all on the quiet days, which freaked me out every darn time. Now, though, I do feel his movements even on the quiet days, it's just not as much kung-fu and dancing, just normal stretching and rolling.

The only trouble with sending her tomorrow is that I worry she'll push herself and end up not feeling good again - and on Wednesday she has a really fun, special day trip with her teacher and 3 other kids - the school division gave the schools $$ to treat all the school patrol kids, which DD is one of. They're going to town for bowling, to an arcade, out for supper, and to a hockey game - so a very busy, full day!
But we'll see how she does through the night. Main thing with her is that she needs to get rehydrated - lots of gatorade! She has benign fainting spells (blood pressure issue) and gets dehydrated easily, which causes more troubles. Oy!
The one good thing about tomorrow would be that they'll be outside - so all bundled up, and out in the cold - which is a good thing when it comes to germs, lol.

So glad your DH has some ideas for child care as well and you guys are getting things figured out with that! I bet it'll make a big difference for you to have a plan set out.
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