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Input Needed: Crochet Beaded Bracelet Materials

Hi Everyone!

I've been making crochet wrap bracelets that include beads for my store. Here are a couple of examples for reference to help with my question below.

The beads I have been using are glass. Charms are metal or glass, rings are stainless steel.

Up until now I've been using 100% cotton embroidery floss to crochet my bracelets with.

I'm contemplating going to hemp completely instead.

But I'm also looking at doing a few bracelets with leather or satin cording as well.

Other materials will be a bit more expensive depending on what I use. For example:

100% cotton $8.00 or $9 (if glass charm) a bracelet
Hemp $9.00 a bracelet
Leather $11 a bracelet
Satin cording $11 a bracelet

Here's my question:

Which material above are you more likely to buy a bracelet made out of, taking prices into consideration? Are you just as happy with cotton? Or would you pay the extra $1-$3 for the different material?

Any other thoughts?

I personally think I prefer the hemp over cotton but it doesn't really matter what I think, I need to know what potential customers would prefer, kwim?

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