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Re: long cycle, clomid question LONG

I do not know of anything new as I have not had to researchin several months. I also had a very hard time becoming pregnant due to (different) female issues. I had long and irregular cycles as well so I started charting to attempt to figure something out. I was due to start clomid in February as it would be a solid year of charting and TTC (before that it was just TTC). I found out in January (very end) that I was pregnant. Obviously the charting didn't teach me as I still can't figure out when I got pg. My last period was 10-31 yet I ddit' get pregnant until around early Dec.

i think if you have been going to the doctor, listening to your boidy and TTC for this long that Clomid may just be a good thing to try. Not everyone has the same views though. It's not selfish to want another child or a sibling for your dc, my stubborn self is pregnant with #3 already wanting #4. If it's in your plan to only have 1 child then you will get a sign. As for testing out something new, that would scare me to much. the side affects could out weight the pros. I say go online and start the researching if you haven't already. I have 3 ex co workers that had babies after taking Clomid.
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