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Re: long cycle, clomid question LONG

I didn't take clomid - but I was one month away from taking it if I didn't get pregnant. I can't IMAGINE what would have happened had I taken it, LOL. In any case, it's hard to say what other things they have in mind since it depends on your situation and your doctor. If you feel strongly about trying one thing, but definitely not another then make sure you tell them that. From what I heard from my doc Clomid isn't an uncommon thing to take - and it might be worth a try. I guess you never know what your body will do until you try something - so if you have a really rough time of it you can always change your mind. I agree you are't selfish at all - we all have those urges to make more babies and they're perfectly natural!
Try to keep positive - and wait and hear out what they have to say. But also make sure you speak your mind about it if you feel strongly. I hope everything works out well for you!
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