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Re: Tried Baby-led Weaning?

ITs actually very easy and practical. Just start with "solids" that can mush between your fingers fairly easily --- like bananas, sweet potatos, avocado. Give it shaped in long thin rectangles -- easier to hold and bite off. Don't sweat it if they dont actually eat a lot to begin with - all of the nutrients will come from BM or Form. for the first year. Just try to remember every thing under 1 is just for fun!

We've been BLW since she was 6mo and have loved it. She eats everything we do, just in differnet sizes. We have spaghetti and meatballs, chicken quesadillas, ham and cheese sammies, etc.

I also highly recommend checking out the BLW cookbook. It's got some great starter recipes that can be applied to your family dinners. Great resource! Also try some blogs like tinygrazers.

As for choking, make sure you are CPR trained in general. Just use common sense and don't leave your baby unattended while eating!
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