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Re: Tried Baby-led Weaning?

This is the book that gives you the basics: (I am not allowed to post links yet, so go to amazon and google baby led weaning gil rapley)

Here's the author's website that has a bunch of information: rapleyweaning(dot)com

BLW is REALLY fun and great for photo ops! About your choking concern, the book explains that babies don't have the ability to push large chunks far enough back in their mouth to choke, so when it sounds like they're gagging, they are actually just pushing the food to the front of their mouth so they can get it out. I think that's the basic idea, so no need to fear choking (though it's always scaring to hear your baby gagging). The first few times it happened with us, I was afraid, but tried to stay calm and my babies have always been able to push the food out, so I'm a believer
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