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Re: NIP completely exposed???

Originally Posted by Kätzchen View Post
I think it's terrible that you would even hint that the way breasts are exposed stripping is even remotely similar to the way a breast might be exposed while nursing. Breastfeeding a baby is not sexual. Men and boys should probably know and see what breasts are used for and NOT be embarrassed. Breastfeeding is a normal and very healthy act.
When you are exposing yourself in any way it is that, exposing. But I also have no issues with stripping and do not find it bad. It has a place. I find the type of breast exposure that woman did not to be similar. Although, you do not need to lift your shirt nearly off exposing both breasts to feed one baby. I do not think it is necessary or proper. If everyone must be wearing shirts in a particular place then whipping out both breasts is just not appropriate. IMO.

I also was not comparing the 2. I was merely stating I used to be a stripper to say I have no hang ups about boobs. It was not a comparison, sorry if you took it that way.
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