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do u ever feel

critisized in the way you parent bc its different. I love my S/O so much but we clash on things like that. He dont see why i use slings,cloth diaper,dont spank just LOTs of stuff. Also we dont have cadence on a schedule she sleeps when she sleeps. I dont wanna be up at 7 am so why would i force my child to. he dont understand her being rearfacing in her carseat either. Im happy with how i do things and he isnt gonna change that but he just dont understand. Sometimes he will make little comments and it really upsets me and i know in my heart hes not trying to upset me he just doesnt "get it". Do others do this to you? How do you deal with it. Im so sick of handing out websites and stuff i just wanna be like this is my child and im gonna parent her in how i feel is right (which i do say) but ...idk just sick of being judged i guess....
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