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Re: do u ever feel

He's probably not trying to criticize you. Sounds more like he just wants to understand how you do things. If you are looking at this being a relationship that is more serious than a midsummers night fling... then he's looking to see where you are on topics to match them up to his views, ask about the ones that differ to see why you do them, accept the ones he does agree on and just go from there. My DH and I did this for the two years we dated before marriage and the times we took my 3 yr old neice with us on camping trips, beach trips, etc... we became the defacto parents. And it was interesting to see how we interacted dealing with a child (and even more humorous since she wasn't even ours).

Don't sweat it mama... I'm sure he's just asking to ask, not to condemn or critisize. Trust me when I say you'll KNOW when it's criticism (which I'm sure you already know that too). My IL's love to condemn, criticize, pick on, put down, bash, belittle, quesion... EVERYTHING I do. My DH can do the exact same thing but they won't say anything to him, but if I do it... *BAM*... jumping all over me. I just stay away from them now.

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