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Re: DD speech problems or normal?

As far as I can remember, my older two did this for a short period of time. My daughter was worse than my son as she has always been very talkative. She would get so excited about what she wanted to say.

It really wouldn't hurt to have her evaluated though. From my experience with stuttering, it is better to not draw attention to it. Many times it isn't a "slow down" issue and that can increase frustration in the child. Listening intently to what she is trying to say is probably best. Also, repeat back to her what she said. If she says, "I-I-I-I-I have some?" You can say, "Did you say "Can I have some?" Modeling of good speech patterns is essential for young children, especially if they don't have all their sounds or words just yet.

If it becomes more prevalent, I would definitely suggest getting her evaluated.

Also, you might keep track of situations when she does this more. Play games with her (controlled environment) and she is she is more prone to do it when excited. Keeping a journal of this would also help a therapist in evaluating as certain patterns are not always exhibited in a clinical setting. An in-home therapist would be optimal since she would be in her comfort zone.

The below link has some good info (I know that there are a lot of opinions when it comes to treatment of dysfluencies, but I think it is pretty good information.)

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