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Re: Teach me how to be a better parent to my toddler. I'm failing miserably.

Originally Posted by H's mom View Post
Bump for more ideas.

Also, how do you keep your cool and have patience? Because that's what I'm struggling with now. Yelling comes naturally to me, I've found, and of course my 22 month old is picking up on that. I smacked him upside his head with a defective sippy cup today because he wouldn't stop whining while I tried to fix it. The whining makes me want to shoot myself in the head.
I totally get it. I was just laughing with my mom about the need for a pill that cures whining Of course, I'd put it in the water at my office too

It's VERY hard to keep calm when you are trying to do something (anything!!) and you have a whiny child following you around crying and screaming and making a mess out of every.single.thing. in the house. I think we have all been there. For me, it isn't in my nature to yell--I was never raised around yelling and yelling makes me really uncomfortable. But, I do get impatient and it's more my nature to just be cold, or mean, and that is no better. When I am getting to my breaking point I try to either remove myself from the situation (adult time out) or I remove DS from the situation (put him in his room, in the living room, or in his time out chair), or I abandon what I am doing and we both go outside for a change of scenery.

Sometimes I have to remind myself (alot) that what I am doing at the moment (putting dishes away, loading laundry, trying to put makeup on, cleaning the counters, vacuuming) is really not all that important in the grand scheme of things, and if I take 10 minutes to step outside and play a game I can change the tone for the rest of the day. It's frustrating but it often works. Sometimes little hearts just need a little positive feeding and then they can reset and do something a little more independent. It's sure hard to remember that in the throes of the moment.

And, sometimes, I just need to employ the help of a video (like yesterday, when I was at wit's end), or sometimes I just need to crack open a beer and throw up my hands and say "wth, I'm just not going to worry about it".

And yes---having dogs helps alot with dinner messes
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