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Re: Montessori/Waldorf families, have a couple of questions.

I can't post pics, but our big items are the doll house, play stands, kitchen, shelves, Haba pram, wooden doll cradle, and barn. All of them were bought used on Craigslist except for the stroller, which was a thing last year from Santa for DS2 (I paid $60-something with coupon codes!). Look around and stalk Craigslist - search for "wood" and "wooden" in the baby/kids and toys/games sections. Ebay can be hit or miss. Last year I made them some more dress-up stuff, and each year's Halloween costumes go into and/or come from the dress-up stuff (no superheroes or junk costumes, just like no superhero or junk toys). This year they are getting a wooden castle and knights as their big gift - though I have found wooden knights and horses to be too cumbersome and impractical for their play, so we are doing the Schleich ones. I am only getting ones that have covered faces (masks, etc.) to maintain the open-ended play though. I found a lot on Craigslist and snagged a few more at the craft store on Black Friday. They are one step away from plastic superhero figures, which I am struggling with, but my standards will not be breached.

Stockings this year will have new beeswax crayons (ours are getting pretty tiny!), pulleys and string, tape, knitting towers, and dye-free candy canes. Think outside the box, and buy used. If you search for "Waldorf" expect to see a big price tag - try "wooden", "wood", "handmade", etc. Also, focus on replacing the plastic things that they play with the most, then adding in key elements like cloth and structure that is all theirs (play stands or a table, for instance) then fill in the rest as you go.

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