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Re: I feel like a horrible Mom today

I have 2 sons with SN - 1 has PDD-NOS, SPD, and hyperactivity and the other has SPD and ADHD. They have these melt downs often. I also do what you do. Letting htem scream and get out of control just regresses my boys for weeks.

DS3's inhome worker was training another girl Friday. DS3 has been having sleep issues so is not very cooperative lately. It is frustrating to say the least. He was refusing to eat. Fine. Do not eat. Eventually he will ask for food or pediasure. The worker was forcing him to sit for 5 seconds. Then trying something else. THe child was FREAKING. I waited for her to do her supposed "Calming" technique and it was never done. I got up, went in and got him. I was very angry. I do allow meltdowns to occur if I can help it as I pay for and the child pays for it for weeks.

Sure enough, she was no call and no show since the event and my son has been HORRIBLE since. He is still not sleeping, not eating well, and is very hard to manage. When he is pushed to that place where he cannot breathe, as he is crying so hard, he no longer can stand anything and just melts. That is where his brain will remain, too, until something triggers it.

I would not beat yourself up (26 weeks PG here) adn simply tell the teachers in a very stern voice that you will NEVER be allowing what happened today to happen again. You know how to get your DS to calm down and if that means you staying a few minutes, that is what you will do. If they do not like that, then next time you will simply walk back out with your DS and he will nto be attending that day.
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