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Thank you so much to all the Mamas that replied. He just got home about 30 minutes ago and he is swinging in the backyard. I got more hugs and kisses than I ever do when I picked him up. I did not see the teacher, as they leave straight from the lunch room to be picked up, but I am going to call and make an appointment to speak with her. The teacher left me a note in his backpack saying he continued crying for 30 minutes after I left and then they put him in cool down for awhile until he got ahold of himself (cool down is time out, but he likes it because he gets to be away from the other kids). She said after that he was compliant.

I sat and I thought for a long time this morning and I do feel that I would have been able to calm him, had I stayed. We may have had a few tears but it would not have been a total meltdown. Like the PP said about her child, this will set him back, and he usually won't eat for 24 hours or more after a huge episode like this, and acts kind of zombie like for a while, but I am happy that he came home happy to see me. I cannot say I would leave him again, because if it happened again I would either insist on staying with him or jut take him home, but I can say I will never, ever let the teacher treat me and my son that way again.

Thanks again for all of your opinions!
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