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Re: Sharing vs. more toys

For some things, i make them share. For others, I buy them 2. If it is something they both genuinely enjoy often, I try to have more than one. Your 4 year old *should* be able to share, but your 2 year old is still going to struggle with it. Of course, I have 2 4 year olds and 2 2 year olds. (and a 6 year old) The 4 year olds can share, but are still learning also and do fight over things. The 2 year olds don't really get sharing, but they do understand when someone else had something first.

That said, I would wait for Christmas (since it's coming up or B-days if they are coming) and I would probably buy one a car set and one a train set. I wouldn't buy the exact set. I'd buy something similar, but not exactly the same. I rarely buy 2 things exactly alike. I will if that is the only Duplo car set the sell otherwise, I find another that is similar. (BTW - My kids fight over our Duplo car too. We have 2 different ones, but 5 kids and they like to hook them together anyway.)

Even though I would buy another and give it to a specific kid for Christmas, we share almost all our toys in our house. It can be theirs for a few days after they get it, but it quickly becomes something they share. My kids know this and when one says, "It's mine" the others will say, "Yeah, but we share toys in this house." Anyway, so buying another set of each, one for each child, would result in 2 sets of each that are shared.

Sorry, that was long.
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