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Re: Waiting on the Wool to Change -- Tuesday

Originally Posted by celestialdreamer View Post
Hey if that Dragon's lair is on Cestari, Targhee, or Rambo I know of a loving home for it

I know there has got to be a tutorial for twisted cords with mixer somewhere. I learned from a local friend. I use my stand mixer instead of a handheld and it works fine. I know for a size medium I tie the to my fridge and the other end to the mixer, it is the perfect distance. I usually use 3-ish strands. Then I turn on the mixer and let it tightly twist the yarn to the point it is curling over itself. Then I stop the mixer, cut the loop (not the cord!) of the yarn off the fridge handle and take it to the mixer. I put the 2 end pieces together in one hand, and use the other hand to kinda pull on it/smooth it. This makes it twist on itself nicely. You have to do this kinda in a quick motion.

Sorry if that makes no sense, it is WAAAAY past my bedtime. I sure hope the yarn is done soon, or I might start making purchases I won't remember tommorrow. I just bought that DTF "simplicity" yarn on Spots for no purpose except that it is pretty Seriously, bad stuff happens to my pp at this time of night
Thanks! I will have to give it a try next time. Re: the DL - I just removed it from my ISO, I don't have it coming or anything. If I did I would definitely let you know. I just decided it is too boyish for DD.
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