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Originally Posted by Msheidiann View Post
How is everyone? Our appeal period is dead and we are just waiting for the state to sign off on everything so we can do our official adoptive placement! Hopefully finalization will be this month!
That would be fabulous! So exciting for you guys.

I took the DS app off my phone, so I'm not around here as often, on purpose. Makes me more in tune to my non-online life. It's been good for me and my kiddos.

Abraham is still doing lots of follow-ups at the hospital. They are still concerned about his growth. He's hardly gaining any weight (3 oz. in a couple weeks). So we're still working with GI. They are going to try him on reflux medication since he does spit up a lot. She is hoping it will help him want to eat more and keep more down. If in the next week he doesn't show some improvement, she wants to do a scope. I'm really hoping we don't have to do that. More stool studies are in the works too to rule out a parasite and to see if he still has high levels of fat in it. If he does, that could be part of the weight gain problem. We'll see what happens.

I'm tempted to go off all allergens again just to see what happens even though we've already ruled them all out most likely.

I'm just ready for all this to be a thing of the past.
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