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There's a whole lot of drama going on around here but none of it looking as though it will lead to an adoption for us.

BM for Gwen (who was stillborn in December) is pregnant again, 33 weeks today. She still is under the impression that she will be keeping the baby though she and her baby's dad AND her whole family (5 total, not counting the baby) are all living in one tiny motel room right now. Her baby's dad actually ASKED DH if we'd be their "backup plan" if the state wanted to take the baby. He said no. And honestly, I don't know if I'd want to go along with it either...praying that God won't ask us to get involved with that anymore than we already are...seems to me she'd be better off with a family that isn't so connected. It would give the baby a better chance...

I've also been taking another BM to dr appts. She's a teenager and quite sure she's also keeping her baby. I think, based on my experience with her thus far, that it would be very hard for her to give him up. I am not convinced she could do it, though it would probably be better for him in the end. His dad is into some not so good things (think illegal and has been in jail recently) and his mom is 16, still a freshman in high school...she's on a tough path. I'm praying that the right things happen here, I just don't really know what the right things ARE.

I'm really struggling with the waiting. I want another baby right now. But at the same time, I am so very overwhelmed with all that is going on in our life right now that NOW would probably be bad timing. Thankfully, I know God knows what he is doing and what is best for me so I am praying for HIS timing and that HE will change my husband's heart in this. DD (6, almost 7) has been crying about a little sister again which doesn't make things easier and Gwen's birthday is fast approaching...I really prayed hard last year that we would have another baby filling our arms at that time and it's not looking good for that...I may have to just deal with the day some other way. I am so thankful for the babies I already have...I just don't feel done yet.
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