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Bad Dr appt = bad day

So I never got to have my 20 week ultrasound because I was bleeding at 15 weeks and had to have one then. I was bleeding because I have a low lying placenta (laying on cervix but not covering completely) fast forward to 26 weeks and my doc told me he was gonna give me my rhogam, take a hemoglobin and do my ultrasound at my next appt. So I could barely sleep last night. I want to know if my baby is healthy and sex for sure!

First thing: she weighed me and I gained 10 pounds since my last appt!!!
Second thing: she takes my blood pressure and it's up almost 40 points from my regular bp
Third: she takes my blood and runs it and my iron is very low.

So she turns the ultrasound machine on. The doc comes in and measures me... Says he is not concerned but we are going to wait 3 more weeks to do the ultrasound. I got my rhogam and left feeling like I wanted to cry. Made my whole day bad. I just want to know if my baby is healthy and if I have to have a c-section!!!! Wahhhhh!

Thanks for listening to me vent, I think I need a bath to de-stress or something
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