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Originally Posted by iris0110

Was she being kept at the shelter at the SPCA or with a foster family? There is a huge difference for a dog between living with other dogs and socializing with one or two adults who are used to handling dogs and living full time with a family. It is impossible for an SPCA worker to judge a dog's personality based on how she acts at a shelter. Being raised at a shelter is very unnatural and can cause some lasting issues in dogs of a certain temperament.

I think it is true part of what you are seeing is an adjustment period, but you are also seeing some of this dog's natural temperament. Yes giving her a place that is just her own will help, but if she is just poorly socialized and timid that will take work to fix. There are dogs that are just not a good fit for life in a family with children because they are too high strung.
They do not have a shelter, so she was with a foster family. We spoke with the foster parent. No kids, not sure if there was a man or if it was just the girl. She had 20 dogs and they were outside. I don't know if she only had the one foster home or not. So, yes, lots of changes for Tess.
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