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Re: The No Stink, No Complications Laundry Solution!

Originally Posted by 5lilmnkys View Post
Love this post! I am a newbie, haven't even started yet since LO isn't here....but I have done soooo much research during my pregnancy, and the wash routine is the most confusing part! Our major reason for choosing to CD is to save $$$$....hard to do that when some spend more on detergent than I spent on my dipes (I bought my ENTIRE stash-except my PFs, with shipping costs for already prepped it was cheaper to buy new-off of FSOT). Doesn't make much sense to me. I bought a box of Tide, and I'm ready to go. I'll hang dry in the summer to keep energy costs down, but come winter I'm not afraid to dry in the dryer. I have bleach if I need it. Bring it on.
You'll do a great job!

When I first started cloth with my then 11-month old, the laundry routine was so overwhelming! Then I read some info on facebook similar to the OP and I chilled out. It's just laundry, right?
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