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I would not be nice about it either. Not at all. Thank goodness my MIL never watches my son, or I KNOW this would be an issue because they eat like crap. (Well, my FIL doesn't, but he has to shop and cook every meal for himself since he wants a decently healthy diet. Everyone else in their family is obese. ) I got upset with my parents when they tried to give DS fruit before we had really started solids (we started with veggies).

Originally Posted by megenic
When I'm a grandparent I vow to serve kale chips and homemade hummus.
My mom buys DH special whole wheat and oat pretzel sticks that no one else in the family is allowed to have. Hehe The sweetest thing he gets over there is a banana, and that is a treat reserved just for Mimi's house. She even made him carrot cake muffins sweetened with apples and frosting made from heavy cream and the teeniest drizzle of honey (I wanted plain cream, lol) for his first birthday. Yay for hummus and kale chips!

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