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When I was little I wanted to be a tree. Obviously I outgrew it. But honestly it sounds normal. My boys haven't said that (both are pretty nonverbal) but they do pretty "girly" stuff. Granted my husband is very involved and also doesn't care so it's not a huge deal to us...we let them pick out their clothes and pull ups and they've picked girl stuff abut half the time. They both love having their nails painted. Loves it when I play with their hair and do ponytails or pigtails...

A long as he's happy I wouldn't worry. But maybe sit down and talk to your husband about it, cause his attitude may be making it a bigger issue than it is. Sorry I'm not more helpful.

B the way: I asked my husband and he said "we'll if they don't like it that's their problem. Tell her good job and to keep doing what she's doing!" Then he pointed out that Ross on friends dressed like a girl. "I am bea. I drink tea. Wont you dance around with me?"
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