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Re: Formula question

The organic formula from Earth's Best is probably the best one. It's the only one my dd would take when I went to work and my supply decreased after 6 months and the pump couldn't get enough milk like it did before. I have odd-shaped nipples too so I know what you mean by needing a special pump. I had to get larger flanges for the Medela Lactina kit that WIC gave me.

WIC here does plain Enfamil *without* the DHA/ARA, because of how much diarrhea and the many spitting-up/non-thriving problems there were with the additives. The WIC system here in my area won't pay for "that garbage," as one of the WIC nurses told me. Out of the mainstream grocery store formulas, Enfamil is the best (has the best nutrient composition, but 30 non-totally-bioavailable, waste-product/man-made ingredients compared to 1500 ones in BM just ain't "like breastmilk" LOL!!!).

If you want to know where all these pharma companies get the DHA/ARA, goggle Martek Biosciences, and they explain their bleaching and solvent-dipping processes for the ocean sewage that they extract the DHA/ARA's NASTY and I for one would NEVER feed my kid that incredibly disgusting fishing trawler WASTE soaked in Lord knows how many chemicals to get it "safe" enough to give to humans (IMO, it's not safe).

If you read on their website in the "commercial" section, they purposely say that adding this DHA/ARA to infant formula is done for marketing purposes because people "are willing to pay extra for it." So "the marketing opportunity awaits you."

At least with the Earth's Best Organic, you know that most of the ingredients have higher standards for quality.

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