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Re: Mini Celebration

Good for you....I made it until 10 weeks, then started tapering off as couldn't take it anymore (didn't want my child's whole summer to be spent in a bouncy seat listening to me pump). I had to pump six times a day to keep up with the volume he needed. I found that mid-day pump really hard to schedule around and I was getting depressed, as a single parent, and feeling like it was impossible to go anywhere. If I could have tapered down to a morning and evening pump and still had decent supply, I would have kept it up....but everyone I talked to about it said that 3 times a day was the minimum they were able to do.

Kudos to you because it is really very hard to keep it up. I really wanted to but in the end choice a happier mama for my son and more opportunities for us to get outside and socialize and enjoy his first summer together. I know I did my best, without losing my mind....I was finding I was getting frantic and panicking, crying as his feeds would approach if I knew I didn't have enough volume yet. It was a bad place to be, so I don't regret quitting.

But I hope you have little rewards built in to the day for yourself because a lot of people don't realize how hard it is when you can't just feed your child at the breast. It takes more than twice as long with the sterilization involved.

Good job, Mama!
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