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Re: OK...please tell me about Target Pristine Detergent I'm intrigued! Better than Ti

The Target people should send me a Royality check
Anyways I discovered it several months ago. I was a tide lover but alos delt with lots of rinsing and frequent rashes that I could never pin down to why..
Ive since figured out detergents with brighteners irritate my DD and Ive long since known I NEED enzymes to get my diapers cleaned.. THe target just seemed liek a good fit as it still had the enzymes but none of the other gunk and it was a salt based cleaner not a plant based whic h I HATE..
At first I was jsut okay with it it sudded sooooo much I actually put it aside as a diaper laundry but used it on our clothes with good results and used Dreft on the diapers..
Then I ran out and decided to try the pristine clean, I had to run like 3 extra rounds to rinse but I had nice stain free clean diapers.. DD wore them for 3 days rash free.. SO I kept it up after about the 4th wash I noticed I no longer had to run excessive cycles to rinse it took out stains at about the same success rate as tide did. and best yet my DD had been rash free since.
Like others I do use some bleach in the prewash I use the pristine clean to around the 3/4 line depending on level of soil, I do run one additional quick wash to ensure rinsing as my DD is super sensitive but that is it, we use this on ALL our laundry my girls haven;t had excema outbreaks in over 3 months now..
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