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Re: Cradle cap at 16mo?

All of my boys have had this...not my girl.

DS1- He had a "weird" version of cradle cap. I actually think it was a skin condition of some sort. He barely has any at all now at 9 years old.

DS2- Major cradle cap. His has finally mostly gone at 5 years old.

DS3- He is 2, and still has a ton.

I'm not sure why they have it, but I pretty much do what others suggested. Olive oil or coconut oil works to loosen it up and get it off, but eventually it comes back. A lice brush works really well to get it off as well. I've used the chemical "specialized for cradle cap" shampoo before but even after stopping it, it would just come back so I stopped using it. The chemicals bothered me.

It's annoying, and my boys all have blond hair as well so it can been seen at times. But eventually it will go away and there's not much I can do.
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