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Originally Posted by mamIIboys
It seems odd to me that they said to pump & dump. Is it because of the type of antibiotics they put you on? Usually you can BF with Mastitis & it's actually recommended as baby drains the breast better than pumping does (at least for most). Heat, massaging from effected area towards nipple, warms showers or compresses & keeping the breast drained are important. I'd double check with doc to see if you can nurse. If so make sure to have baby latch with chin pointed towards effected area to help drain that part completely. Once better, take a couple days to spend as much time nursing & having skin to skin contact with baby to help milk supply.
Another one that agrees with this!

Antibiotics should not be an issue with nursing. Most docs haven't done the research to know if it's safe for breastfeeding, so they just say it isn't. Most meds are safe for bf. If you give me the name of the med I can look it up in my Hale's book. (It lists EVERY medication and rates how safe it is for bf.)
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