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Re: RELATED sad UPDATE: It's attitudes like this that continue to perpetuate ignoranc

Originally Posted by Shaunam View Post
I don't see it that way. My son knows other kids can be mean and has learned to brush them off for the most part. But when an adult upsets a kid, whether intentionally or not, it's different. It makes more of a lasting impression.

We can't change who our kids are and what they like to protect them from bullies. Where would it stop? With what they like and don't like? How they dress? What they look like? Who they are friends with?

My kid was born with bright red hair and has since added freckles to that mix. You don't see me changing his appearance to protect him from the nasty comments of bullies. And yes, there have been a few. Even one nasty lady in wal-mart. I really hope as a teacher you don't condone this type of behavior and consider it "doing kids favors".

I don't think the teacher needs reprimanded, but she DOES need to know she hurt a little boy's feelings and her comment was totally inappropriate. Because it was. Period. No matter what you believe about gender roles.
I get what she's saying. But I agree with you. It's honestly sad that anything negative has to be said to him
I did tell him this morning he can be anything he wants to be again!
Originally Posted by aemarques View Post
This thread really opened my eyes. I don't have a little boy yet, but I'm sure I will one day and I will remember this.

OP please update us and let us know how the trip to the halloween store went and what he decided to be.

So heartbreaking when you are SO excited and looking forward to something and someone brings you down about it. I'm sure that's not what the teacher meant to do though, I think her reaction was just typical and I imagine most people saying that and just not thinking.
Thank you so much I will! I may take him this evening to lift his spirits!
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