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Re: It's attitudes like this that continue to perpetuate ignorance.

Originally Posted by Joyful Tie Dyes View Post
Terra your update makes me so sad

The reaction I got from several ppl when DS got a kitchen for his 2nd Bday was pretty odd. My Dad (who taught me to cook) was just aghast and reminded me that I had a boy. Now my Dad does most of the cooking between he and my stepmom. He insisted on giving him tools (adorable fisher price tools). Yeah guess whose name is on the toolbox at my house...yep mine LOL and my DAD is the one that bought many of them for me. When I pointed that out he felt rather silly LOL

TO the teacher I'd probably say something like. I'm sure you didn't mean to hurt his feelings but DS is really crushed that you told him he couldn't be Tinkerbell for Halloween. I just wanted you to know that's it's fine with his father and I if he wants to be Tinkerbell.

I will never understand why people don't get it's a COSTUME! You get to pretend to be something/someone else. That's the point LOL
Over a kitchen! Just crazy! That is my boys favorite center at school! Yeah that's what I don't either. It's just a costume, to MAKE-BELIEVE.
Originally Posted by kattayanna_mom View Post
As a childcare provider and teacher myself even in a Christian center we are to encourage all children to play with all toys we let the boys dress up in princess dresses,wear those plastic play heels,play with baby dolls,the kitchen sets,etc,the girls dress as fire fighters,police officers,construction workers,play with cars,truck,blocks,etc
We have a couple little boys in our center that mom paints their nails pink,blue,green,red,glittery,etc and the teachers and other kids think it's cute and neat.
why can't others be this encouraging?
Exactly! And really that's the ideal way IMO.
Originally Posted by xtin View Post
I live north of Orlando and yes, a lot has to do with being in the south. We moved from Maryland (super liberal, near DC) and it was just totally different there. My eldest had an outwardly gay friend who was 4! that wouldnt fly aroud here. My younger daughter desperately wants to be a cowboy ("NOT a cowgirl, only a cowboy! Just like Cowboy small in the book, mama!") but the pressure to dress them like prosti-tots at a young age (she's 3 tomorrow) combined with the lack of appropriate costumes makes it difficult.

I feel your pain!
Yeah I didn't realize just how a part of the 'bible belt' Florida was until I moved here. Oh yeah, there are quite a few things that don't fly around here right! So sad.
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