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Re: Angry.. another "nursing in church" vent...

Originally Posted by opheliaspins View Post
How terrible! Did you post a previous post about this too? i remember reading it, not sure if it was you or not, but it was very similar. I find that so silly! I really hope the pastor sides with you! If not, if it was me I'd probably try to look for a different church.

Would you mind me asking what kind of church it is?
Yes, that was me. I posted when Person A originally approached me and told me that there was a "time and place for it, and THIS is not it."

I decided to just smile and nod and let it go. I didn't go to church the next week (not related to her, I was just exhausted from a "bad night" with the baby so stayed home to nap). And then I nursed in Sunday School AND the church service this past Sunday, and then tonight I get the phone call from Person B.

And yeah... because now I won't be comfortable there anymore if the pastor doesn't "take my side" on this. And it's not just being a sore "looser" or complaining that I didn't "win." This is a huge deal to me.

God bless!
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