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Re: Do you get migraines while pregnant?

Originally Posted by cdeweese View Post
Have you you been diagnosed with migraines? If so, there is no reason you should NOT be on them. A Dr has to prescribe the medication (which is safe to use in moderation while pregnant). There is no reason they should deny you medication. I get so sick that I lose weight every pregnancy and end up in the hospital with dehydration and uncontrollable vomiting. My neurologist has had to make it clear that I am to be given certain medications ALWAYS as my migraines can and will get out of hand without them.
Yes, I was diagnoses with migraines years ago...while in college...after all the scans and everything that rule everything else out. I have never been to a neurologist as they only started getting this bad with my pregnancies and to be honest no one ever suggested I see one until this pregnancy. I wouldn't say they have denied me meds as much as they have strongly recommended that I not take them b/c of their FDA ratings...I guess I'm just trying to figure out what my options's hard dealing with migraines most every day...makes it hard to function KWIM?
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