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Re: Pregnancy After Loss (Jan 16-31)

Originally Posted by jamiejo View Post
I've not posted much, and not since Nov I think. Things have been so busy. I'm now 14w1d, and heard the heartbeat on Friday for the first time. It was a strong 165. She used a portable US machine to take a peek, but couldnt see much. I just saw the nurse, and have a first actual checkup next week. She nearly flipped when she saw I was 14 weeks just had no desire to go in before that, and we just moved across state lines 2 weeks ago.
I've never been so ill as I was this time. Still having some headaches and light-headed spells. I'm rather anxious to look at my lab results when they come in.
I feel so.....non-chalant this pregnancy. I dont post many updates on FB which is odd for me. I'm not hiding anything, but feel no reason to advertise it either. No ticker or email updates. I'm just taking each day as it comes, and it seems strange to me to feel this way. I'm excited, but in no rush for anything. I dont know why that should feel odd, but it does. lol.
I am not in any rush either, but I think it is because it is our last pregnancy. Bittersweet. I am starting to get excited now, though worries still creep in some days. Feeling Hiccup rolling and kicking helps a lot though.

Originally Posted by leviandgarettsmom View Post
With DS I was extremely laid back & in no rush for anything. I think because I was almost 3 mos before I found out about DD & her pregnancy flew by, I totally wanted to savor every second of being pregnant again. And I did...all 41w6d of it.
But with this one I am extremely anxious. I don't want to rush it at all really because I know this is my last, but my fear of loss & the uncomfortableness of being pregnant after a c/s is making it difficult to completely relax & enjoy the journey. I really can't get over how weird & sensitive everything is in there. I'm 14 wks & not really showing much, but it feels like my uterus is all over the place in my lower its just rolling around in there. Makes me nervous about getting bigger cause I keep waiting for it to actually hurt, which it hasn't as of yet.
It definitely is different being pregnant after a csec. Don't let it worry you too much, but do know that there will likely be some discomfort with growth spurts- stretching and all that, and it is totally normal to have even cramping or slight pain at the scar. Of course if it is severe or lasts or worsens, or overall if it is worrying you,, then call y our care provider.
Not trying to scare you at all, just saying these things are totally normal! I know I was glad to have my friend tell me that with my first pregnancy after my csec.

Originally Posted by Harmony96 View Post
J is in the throes of newborn acne. When B was born, from the very moment we toweled him off, his skin got red and splotchy b/c he's just so sensitive. He got newborn acne and then it never went away, but just changed into eczema. J doesn't have those same sensitivities, but he does have a raging case of acne that's getting worse every day. It's on the back of his neck and his earlobes and everything. Here's what the top of his head looks like, poor baby.

Poor littleguy! I remember your ordeal with Benjamin's skin too. Have you ever heard of or tried Thentix? It is a lotion made with honey that is really great for skin troubles like eczema or psoriasis. I would link but i am on dhs tablet and typing is work enough!
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