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Yeast Diaper Rash that won't go away? - UPDATED AGAIN: The rash is gone

DS has had a mild yeast diaper rash since he was 3 weeks old (due to the antibiotics i received during labor for Group B Strep). It is just around his anus. We have tried everything under the sun to treat it:

* Lotrimin applied twice daily for a month (prevented it from spreading but didn't heal it)
* Vinegar + Water sprayed on his bum after each diaper change (didn't help it and irritated his skin)
* 10 days of Diflucan (shrank it but it didn't go away)
* Nystatin Cream twice daily for a week (prevented it from spreading but it didn't go away)
* Grapefruit Seed Extract diluted in distilled water sprayed on his bum after every diaper change (doing this now. It got the rash almost gone and now it's back even though we're using it all the time)

Each time the rash will start to go away with the treatment for a day or two, and then it's like the yeast adapts and the treatment stops working. I'm at the end of my rope for what to do. I also bleached his diapers this week in the hopes that this would help and it didn't do anything. We also give him air time after each diaper change to hopefully help the rash go away.

The Diflucan and Lotrimin were even used together and it didn't go away, it is just so persistent. We've even put him in disposables for a day and that didn't help either (and i hate how they smell and hate using them).

Does anyone have any other suggestions? Even his Ped didn't have any other suggestions.
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