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Re: Things people say where you live.....

Originally Posted by danner View Post
Where I'm originally from, the NYC suburbs, we stand ON line, not in line.

Here in Buffalo, where nobody is quite sure if we are Midwest or Northeast (I say Great Lakes) it's very much about food and weather. The number of bars here is neck and neck with the number of churches, which might tell you something about how "devout" it is here.

Also, the friendliness here is downright frightening. When I moved here from Long Island and went clothes shopping, I was actually confused and annoyed when a store clerk asked me if I needed help. I was like ... did I ask you for help? Ha, amazing now 15+ years later how different the cultures are.

There is still a bit of snow on the ground, but any day now I'll be wearing my birks and young guys will be wearing their cargo shorts and Buff State hoodie pullovers.
I had that happen with sales people too. Back in IL you have to find someone and drag them kicking and screaming. But over here I told dh why won't they leave us alone? He said because it is their job to help us.
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