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Re: What do you store milk in?

Late to see this thread, but I've also read that BM loses a lot of its nutrition when stored in plastic bags. The bags are plastic so that's a petroleum based product you're using to store your precious BM. Also, plastic anything is an environmental nightmare (very few places will recycle plastic bags) and their landfill lifespan is really long.

Also, whatever type of freezer or container you use, never store BM on the door or at the front of the shelf. These are the warmest parts of the freezer (same for the fridge when just storing BM cold or even regular milk).

And make sure you label everything with the date pumped and put the newest milk behind the already frozen bottles so you're thawing it LIFO (last in first out). That way, you don't use the new milk first and the old milk won't spoil before you get to it.


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