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Incredibly discouraged...

So, baby was born on on Thursday night, 1/12. I was having nipple pain when he nursed from the get-go (I posted about this a few days ago). The lactation consultant in the hospital thought his latch was fine though. Well, things progressed to the point that by Monday, my nipples were bleeding (despite using a ton of Lansinoh) and nursing was excruciating. Additionally, my milk was coming in and although baby was almost constantly at the breast, they continued to get more and more engorged.

Monday night, I finally got a hold of the LC where I delivered, who recommended I pump for the next few feedings to give my nipples a break, and shells to keep my clothes from sticking to my nipples (so gross).

Yesterday, I saw the LC in my ped's office. She thought that maybe my nipple was a little to big for the baby's mouth. So, we tried nipple shields which did allow me to nurse nearly pain free, but she weighed the baby before and after nursing (both with and without shields) and baby isn't actually transferring in any milk. So she recommended pumping for now, and putting him to the breast as I can tolerate and I'll see her Thursday. She said that his anatomy just needs to catch up with my anatomy, which may take a few weeks. She promised that she has never had a baby that she couldn't eventually get to latch on successfully.

So for the rest of yesterday I pumped and gave bottles but continued to try nursing, with the shield, before and after bottles. But, now it's getting to the point where he is refusing the breast because he isn't getting anything. My nipples are still very sore as well. I haven't even tried putting him to the breast for the last few feedings because it is so frustrating and depressing.

I have basically been in tears over this since Monday. I'm so afraid I won't be able to breastfeed this baby. I hate pumping. I didn't have any problems at all bf'ing DD, so I totally wasn't expecting to have these issues (my twins were adopted, and preemies, so for them bf'ing just didn't seem like it would work out so I didn't even try to induce lactation, which I feel pretty guilty about).

Anyhow...I don't even know if I'm looking for advice or just to vent or what.
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