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Re: ISO FB L "non food" colors

Originally Posted by happyme02 View Post
I have three old style size L FB that fit your measurement requirements: 1 orange, 1 red, and 1 dark blue. The red is in the best condition of the three: all the snaps work, the PUL looks good, the elastic looks in good shape, there are no stains (but it is pilled). The orange has light staining and relaxed (but not completely stretched out) elastic - the PUL looks good and the snaps all work. The blue has medium staining and somewhat relaxed elastic (it is in better shape than the elastic on the orange but not as good as on the red, it has plently of stretch in it still), the snaps all work, and the PUL looks fine - but the stitching on the leg seams may be coming out, so I am not sure if it would leak from there unless fixed. If you are interested, how about $10 ppd for the red, and $4 for each of the other two?
thank you, I prefer no stains and I am going to try and get the flat tab ones first. I am not sure of the fit of the pointy ones.
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